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ABOUT US is a showcase site of the TexTrend project, which brings analytic results generated using TexTrend's integrative tools, applied to a scientometric and bibliometric use case. TextTrend provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and a generic wrapping environment for the seamless collaboration of many individual algorithms from text-mining, network analysis, statistical computing, machine learning, and other domains. The framework is run on CIShell, an innovative OSGi-based platform by Indiana University (Katy Borner), branded in various form for network analysis (NWB), scientometrics (SCi2) and epidemiology (EPiC).

TexTrend's exploitation and collaboration partners include the Institute for Research Organisation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, PetaByte Nonprofit Research Ltd, Aitia International, Inc., the Hungarian research project OTKA K84145 ("Dynamics of the social structure of science") as well as the SisoB EU FP7 project.

R&D Institutions
ATKResearch Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition
BAYBay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research
BMEBudapest University of Technology & Economics
CEUCentral European University
COLBUDCollegium Budapest Institutie for Advanced Study
CORVCorvinus University Budapest
DTEUniversity of Debrecen
EGISEGIS Pharmaceutical Ltd
ELTEEötvös Loránd University
HEIMHeim Pál Children's Hospital
KAPUniversity of Kaposvár
MAFIGeological Institute of Hungary
MEUniversity of Miskolc
MTAHungarian Academy of Sciences
NATHISHungarian Natural History Museum
NYIRCollege of Nyiregyháza
NYMEUniversity of West Hungary
OEPNational Health Insurance Fund Administration of Hungary
ONKNational Institute of Oncology
PANNPannon University
PAZMPéter Pázmány Catholic University
PSYNEUNational Institute of Psychiatry & Neurology
PTEUniversity of Pécs
RICHTGedeon Richter Chemical Works Ltd
SOTESemmelweis University (of Medicine)
SZIESzent István University
SZTEUniversity of Szeged
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