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THE RESEARCH PERFORMANCE OF HUNGARY: INSTITUTIONAL PATTERNS AND COMPETENCES is a web-based service established within a Hungarian large-scale R&D project, Textrend, and later developed and maintained in different projects by PetaByte Research Ltd. and partners.

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R&D Institutions Analyzed (40)
ATKResearch Instute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition
BAYBay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research
BGFBudapest Business School
BMEBudapest Technical University
CEUCentral European University
COLBUDCollegium Budapest
CORVCorvinus University Budapest
DEDebrecen University
DFCollege of Dunaujvaros
EGISEgis Pharmaceuticals
EJFEötvös Jozsef College
EKFEszterhazy Karoly College
ELTEEötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
FILMUniversity of Theatre and Film Arts
HEIMHeim Pál Children's Hospital
KAPUniversity of Kaposvar
KAROLKároli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church
KFKecskemet College
KODOLKodolányi János University of Applied Sciences
KRFKaroly Robert College
LISZTLiszt Academy of Music
MAFIGeological Institute of Hungary
MEUniversity of Miskolc
MOHOLMoholy-Nagy Unviersity of Art and Design
MTAHungarian Academy of Science
NATHISHungarian Natural History Museum
NYIRCollege of Nyiregyháza
NYMEUniversity of West Hungary
OBUDObuda University
OEPNational Health Insurance Fund Administration of Hungary
ONKNational Institute of Oncology
PANNPannon University
PAZMPazmany Peter University
PSYNEUNational Institute of Psychiatry & Neurology
PTEUniversity of Pécs
RICHTGedeon Richter Chemical Works
SOTESemmelweis University of Medicine
SZESzechenyi Istvan University
SZIESzent István University
SZTEUniversity of Szeged
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